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Short hairstyles

Short trendy hairstyles have always been in vogue. Short haircuts are mainly popular with the workingwoman on the go. These require very little care and short hair are also easy to maintain. Short trendy hairstyles can be smart, sexy, stylish and sleek. These can be styled differently to suit different occasions. 2008 hair trends will definitely see a major comeback of short trendy hairstyles. Each season always brings about a new wave of fresh ideas and you can incorporate them totally or in few segments to bring about a new look for the coming New Year.

Short hairstyles ideas can vary from person to person and finding trendy haircuts can sometimes be a difficult task when it comes to getting the right hairstylist who completely understands the requirements of the clients. So, what are the short hairstyle ideas for 2008? Here is the dope on how to jazz up your short haircuts and ring in the New Year with great panache.

Short Hairstyles for Women

Women who have opted for going short have always known that a well-crafted short style gives them the opportunity to try out practically endless styling possibilities. You can experiment with the wide array of hair styling products at hand these days, ranging from waxes and gels to sprays and creams. You can go stick straight, scrunch, spike, curl, back-comb, or wave, according to your mood, with the range of irons, blow dryers, pins, clips and accessories. For instance, hot flat irons can be used in a variety of ways on small sections of hair, which can then be layered, creating edgy and unusual styles. 

Because short hair is so beautifully flexible, it works with practically any texture or type of hair from thick to fine, wavy to curly and straight, or even a combination; hence, short hair is never boring. Plus, it’s so convenient, especially the short pixie cuts – the ultimate in wash-n-wear hair. Just lather it up, dry with a towel, finger pick it, and air dry – it can all be done in a jiff. Great for the ultra busy girl with no time to deal with complicated long hairstyles.

Short hairstyles are also usually instant wear. With the right cut, the hair simply slides into place, and yet looks amazing. Not only do short hairstyles lend a more professional air, but they can often also be the last word in chic, elegance and sophistication.


Ali Landry Celebrity Hairstyles : Ali Landry Hairstyles

Ali Landry Celebrity Hairstyles : Ali Landry Hairstyles

Ali Germaine Landry (born July 21, 1973) is a former Miss USA (1996), model and actress. She is recognized as the Doritos Girl from her popular 1998 Super Bowl commercial. In 1998, she was named by People magazine as one of 50 most beautiful people in the world.

If you are a fan of Ali Landry, you might interest with her hairstyles also. Please check here for the Celebrity hairstyles Ali Landry.

Celebrity hairstyles Ali Landry
Celebrity ponytail hairstyles Ali Landry
Celebrity hairstyles Ali Landry
Celebrity hairstyles Ali Landry

Paula Abdul Hairstyles : Paula Abdul Hairstyle

Paula Abdul Hairstyles : Paula Abdul Hairstyle

Stylish and sophisticated is the look this “coming to america” star celebrity is gooing for. Paula Abdul’s locks are gently highlighted than layered to create body a soft feather cut is added at the ends to make the hairstyle sassy. Full bangs are swept to the side to blend in with the style.
Hairstyles Paula Abdul
Hairstyles Paula Abdul
Hairstyles Paula Abdul


Short Shag Hairstyle 2011 : Short Hairstyle

Short Shag Hairstyle 2011 : Short Hairstyle

Short Shag Hairstyle


Women Short Hairstyle Pictures Women Hairstyle

Women Short Hairstyle Pictures Women Hairstyle

This time we present some great short hair ideas.

Short Blond Hair

Short Dark Hair

Short Dark Hairstyle

Short Hairstyle

Short Blonde Hair

Short Hairstyle

Short Hairstyle

Short Hairstyle Women


Short Gothic Hairstyles

Gothic hairstyles are very popular. Although they are the most common among teenagers, there are some adults who also wear gothic hairstyles as well. It would be very hard to specifically state what a gothic hairstyle is, but there are some definite characteristics that gothic hairstyles tend to incorporate.


Trendy Short Winter Black Hairstyles 2010

Trendy Short Winter Black Hairstyles 2010

Trendy Short Winter Black Hairstyles 2010

Short Razor Cut Hairstyles 2010

Short Razor Cut Hairstyles 2010

Short Hairstyles are the latest fashion trends these days. Razor hair cut is one of the most effective methods in modern hair cutting technique to create texture and stylish look. But if you know the simple hairstyling techniques you can do your own hairstyle at home with a razor yourself.

Short Razor Cut Hairstyles

Short Razor Cut Hairstyles

2010 Short Beautiful Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Top Beautiful Women Hairstyles brings you 2010 Short Beautiful Hairstyles for Fine Hair

If you have fine hair than you know that this type of hair is silky and smooth and also very thin.To style your fine hair and get some beautiful short hairstyels its very important to add volume to your fine hair. Choose a haircut according to your face type. If you have a round face, it’s better to have wispy ends and avoid bob with one length.An important tip is that you have a long face, cut your hair with a lot of bangs. Get this latest short beautiful hairstyels for your fine hair:

 2010 Short Beautiful Hairstyles for Fine Hair 
2010 Short Beautiful Hairstyles for Fine Hair