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Messy Hairstyle

This hairstyle features a choppy section done in an unkept manner with lightly side swept bangs to add some flair and contrast to the appearance. This is an exceptional, starting hair length for new comers to short hair as well as a great look. Hairstyles like this one are terrific for nights on the town.


Women Hairstyles For Holiday


The holidays bring a lot of opportunities AND pressure to look ‘gorgeous’: office parties, friendly dinners, family gatherings, Christmas morning, New Years eve- the list goes on and on and on. There’s always someone with a camera or video recorder and in this day and age we always feel the looming threat of a tagged Face Book photo.
If you actually WANT to get noticed this holiday season, pull out the big guns- fashionably speaking- and start experimenting with hairstyles from down under. Hair Machine never ceases to amaze us with their creative and gorgeous looks. Holiday event patrons everywhere, beware! Dare to be different this month with Aussi inspired tresses and look forward to getting your picture taken!

When in doubt, go curly! If you want a formal hairstyle but are not too savvy with styling tools, opt for curly hair that always looks both cute and sexy at the same time when done right. A curling iron with hair coiled around it for several seconds can make hair look gorgeous. Out of the Mistique collection by NADIA DE MARCO, this perfect curly hair is fashionable in and out of the holiday season but why not ring in the New Year with a look that screams confidence.

Color! One of the quickest most drastic ways to change your look is by changing your hair color. Try something new this holiday season and go crazy with color.

Put up in a gorgeous updo, this style is perfect for any special occasion though it is not just the hairstyle that makes this look pop; the makeup and outfit are a great combination for lighting up any room.


Short Choppy Hair style for Women’s

Short choppy hairstyle
Cute Short choppy hairstyle