Tips for caring for long hair

19 Jul

Tips for caring for long hair

Long hair care all know means more than short hair, because if it looks neglected and abused loses its beauty, is important if you have long hair required maintenance give these tips on caring for long hair.

Wash day in and day out, is ideal because that retains its natural oils and brightness is more noticeable, but if your hair is very oily or can not stand to be without washing, then do it daily but you dilute the shampoo in a little equal parts of water that makes it less heavy. Do not brush when wet, because it inevitably breaks it do so with a wide-tooth comb and good quality. Masajeaa brush him every night and, aside from brushing and combing every day is imperative that every night I carefully brushed, using a natural bristle brush that allows the distribution of natural oils and then gives a massage with the fingers of the hand the scalp to activate blood circulation, and do not forget to use conditioner once a week in dry, that is to use the conditioner that you use regularly but subjecting it to dry hair a little heat to the dryer diffuser Durrant few minutes, when hair recovered at ambient temperature you wash it.

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