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Women’s Hairstyle Kyra Sedgwick

Women’s Hairstyle Kyra Sedgwick


Kyra Sedgwick is a beautiful modern woman, the wife of a flamboyant movie star Kevin Bacon, award-winning star of their own. Kyra although no longer a young girl, with her hair shows that age is just a matter of attitude, and she assumes her age with grace, elegance and hairstyles that continues to leave everyone amazed.

And she hopes that the look can be as attractive as the hairstyle, we show their successes leading hair in many ways and trends in the following pictures with hairstyles for women Kyra Sedgwick style.


Haircuts and Hairstyles Taylor Momsen

Haircuts and Hairstyles Taylor Momsen


Taylor Momsen is the new young star, teen idol of today, and like any girl and she knows superstar taken advantage of his image, and set trends in terms of dress and style. A straight-haired blonde with a beautiful face, slender figure, somewhat elusive, always straight and totamente rebel, that’s the girl who all admire.

Haircuts and Hairstyles Taylor Momsen hairstyles and cuts are always carefree young girl, although some may seem too that “casual” are all very attractive and flattering for girls with straight hair. If you like Taylor, and like to wear the latest fashions, you’re rebellious but with nice hair, some of these cuts will suit you. With slightly wavy hair for the holidays, got to the red carpet galas, following the trend with braids, flat total to look like the young girl who is, many great hairstyles and cuts.

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Tips for caring for curly hairstyle

Tips for caring for curly hairstyle


In recent seasons it has become fashionable again “wavy hair” those soft waves in her hair are very flattering for many girls, but it is essential to achieve a versatile hairstyle that changes with some various decorations, or small details made with the same hair, keep it in good condition so you can take that long hair.

According to the texture of your hair using the shampoo and conditioner that suits you. Since curly hair does not reflect light directly and straight hair, it is recommended that you apply a styling cream or hairspray with a little cream with glitter and shine brilliantly. It is also important to note that long hair styling you can take it a day at work without many ornaments and sufficient for a date night with a little shine to your hair or a nice hook to hold a lock of hair.

Aware that it is this look nice does not go well for women over 40 because it tends to raise the age.


Party Hairstyle for girls with a square face

Party Hairstyle for girls with a square face


All we ask whether these beautiful hairstyles that we see in magazines, work for us, maybe we are clear what is being carried by the current fashion, the personality we know it to know what they want and like and above know what is expected to take on certain occasions, but perhaps even know that your face has a square structure, we do not know what hairstyle will work successfully with this structure, a square face?

Easy, is chosen as the cut ideally suited to ease the square of the face image is chosen, short front and long at the sides. If a cut in layers in the front that is short and the long hair evenly from the rest of us see the face slightly less boxy, and if for a party and you have long hair, opt for a secluded as in the image on the front and the hair on the sides, you’ll look beautiful.


Straight hair frayed a little below the chin

Straight hair frayed a little below the chin

Cabelo liso desfiado

Medium hair parted in the middle has frayed at the edges smooth and length just below the chin. Of simple design, the look is highlighted by the gradient of auburn. In the modeling, and ointment for babyliss beaded effect.


Fashion haircuts and hairstyles 2010

Fashion haircuts and hairstyles 2010

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Modern hairstyles for men 2010

Modern hairstyles for men 2010


Something we have to take into account before choosing among the various existing modern hairstyles if we have one of the most modern hairstyles of 2009 is the type of hair or hair that we have, so that we can opt for modern hairstyles short, long, for short hair, curly hair for ondulazo hair to straight hair, ect.

Another point in favor of modern hairstyles for men hairstyles is that they are easy to make. In the catalogs you explain how to make simple modern hairstyles.

The modern hairstyles for men are full of fashion, gone are the days when male hairstyles were boring and all equal, then some pictures of modern hairstyles 2009-2010.

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