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26 Mar

‘Punk’ was a kind of music genre in the 1970s. Soon in the latter years, it turned into a type of fashion trend which generally included wearing black leather clothing or jackets, hanging chains around the waist, wearing ripped and torn jeans, and having messy colorful hair. These were the components of the apparel which was worn by punk musicians in their times. Nowadays, a majority of people prefer to sport punk short hair styles.

Punk Short Hair Styles

When it comes to punk short hair for men or women, there is no such set of hairdos that are exclusively meant to be worn by only boys or girls. The reason is that any of these punk short hair styles can be sported by both genders. There are many different types of short punk haircuts and styles which are normally worn by the younger generation. Along with the patterns and styles of hair, you can also choose any type of color for you hair, as punk hairstyles are all about looking colorful, crazy, stylish, and unique. Some most common colors are red, green, blue, and pink. These hairstyles can also be easily made at home or in a group, it is all just a matter of playing with your hair in a wacky manner. Let us discuss some of the most famous punk short hair cuts for women and men. Read more on punk hairstyles for men.

Types of Punk Short Hair Styles

Pop Punk Hairstyle
A pop punk hairstyle is a good short punk hairdo for both men and women. This hairstyle consists of having a good volume of hair on your head, cutting either side of the hair around the ear-line, and keeping the hair on the other side relaxed, covering the ear and eye of the other side. You can keep the hair without coloring or can get a hair coloring job done.

The most popular punk short hair for girls and boys is the Mohawk hairstyle. If you want to wear a Mohawk, you need to shave the sides of your head, apply a good hair gel to the rest of the hair which are remaining in the center, and spike them up. This haircut can be done on short hair as well as long hair, as per your preferences.

Reverse Mohawk
As the name suggests, this hairstyle is just the opposite of what you would do to have a Mohawk. Instead of keeping the line of spiked hair on the center of your head, you need to shave the hair on the center line and keep the hair around it spiked. This hairdo would however look good only if a boy wears it.

Other Good Punk Short Hair Styles
Horror punk is a haircut that is similar to a Mohawk, and relates to the hair being colored jet black or dark blue, and gelled it in a vertical manner from the center line. A simple and short punk haircut is the original punk hairstyle wherein the hair is colored in purple, pink, red, or orange shades and spiked up. The skate punk hairstyle is also one of the most worn short punk hairstyles. It relates to the hair being cut in an uneven manner and length, spiked up, and colored at the hair tips. A fauxhawk is one simple punk hairstyle wherein the hair is not shaved at the sides, but the center hair is spiked up using a hair gel.

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These are just a few of the commonly preferred punk short hair styles for boys and girls. In punk haircuts; all that matters is the colors that are used and patterns in which your hair is set.

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