Emo Girls Hairstyle

26 Mar

Most people today want to make a statement with their looks and while some do so with tattoos or piercings, still others opt for stylish yet shocking hairstyles and the latest rage amongst these different kinds of haircuts is getting an emo hairstyle. The term emo, which is an abbreviation for emotional is based on the music of the 1980’s known as emcore. Emo music was a cross between punk rock music and melodic tunes that included lyrics with strong emotions. Most emo artists and followers were known for their black colored clothing and chic hairstyles. Emo hairstyles are a huge part of the emo culture, which has developed over the years and is followed by a lot of people today to make a fashion statement. If you have short hair and want to make a statement, then emo hairstyles for short hair are a great choice. Let us find out more about emo hairstyles for girls with short hair.

Emo Hairstyles

The essence of emo hairstyles (also known as scene hairstyles) is to be able to express yourself creatively and to be able to show individuality. Most people mistake it to be a sign of rebellion but it is not so. Emo hairstyles are easily recognizable because of their characteristic long bangs, dark hair with bold highlights, asymmetrical lines and cuts. The usual choice for base color of the hair is almost always black, though at times it could be a dark brown. The color black is supposed to be a representation of their emotional attitude. Though emo hairstyles look great, whether long or short haircuts, most girls prefer short hair for emo haircuts. There are lots of choices for emo hairstyles for girls with short hair.

Emo Hairstyles for Girls with Short Hair

Short emo hairstyles for girls have gained popularity because of their versatility and the fact that it creates an edgy look. There are a lot of short emo hairstyles to choose from. But the four most important characteristics that are crucial in any emo hairstyles for girls with short hair are:

* The hair should always be black in color.
* The hair must have a lot of asymmetrical layers preferably with side bangs.
* The hair has to be poker straight. If you don’t have straight hair, you can either get your hair straightened permanently or use straightening irons and gels.
* No emo hairstyle can be complete without bold highlights. Choose colors like red, pink, purple, blue etc that stand out.

Once you have these basic elements in place, you can choose from a variety of female emo haircuts.

Pixie Cut: One great choice for emo hairstyles for girls with short hair is a pixie hairstyle with bangs, preferably long side bangs. With short hair at the back and long bangs colored pink or red, in the front, the effect created definitely makes a statement. For a more dramatic look, you can use gel to spike up the hair at the back. The idea is to be as creative as you want.

Bob Cut : Another choice for short emo hairstyles for women can be created with a bob cut. Straighten the hair and add some choppy layers with highlights in the short bob. Make sure it’s slightly shorter at the back compared to the front. While styling, make sure the layers with highlights stick out to create a more dramatic effect.

Razor Cut: This is one of the most popular emo haircuts for girls with short hair. In this hairstyle, the hair is razor cut at the back with long sleek sections of highlighted hair on the sides. Another choice is having one side of your hair shorter than the other side. Highlight the shorter side for a striking effect. Read more on short razor cut hairstyles.

Mohawk: A mohawk is one of the funkiest and coolest emo hairstyles for girls with short hair. You have the option of either cutting your hair in a mohawk style or just styling your hair with the help of gel. Make sure that you highlight the mohawk and you will definitely make heads turn wherever you go.

These were just a few ideas for emo hairstyles for girls with short hair. No matter what hairstyle you choose, remember that emo hairstyles require a lot of hair care. Now that you have an idea about the different hairstyles, select one that represents your personality and attitude. Being as creative and unique in your look is a true representation of emo culture and hairstyles.

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