Celebrity Hairstyles: Bar Refaeli Hairstyle

13 Mar
Fashion Icon of fashion industry Bar Refaeli

Bar Refaeli is an Israeli model that is known be the fashion icon of fashion industry. She is also well known for her romantic relationships with Leonardo DiCaprio. During her modeling career she had worn some of the greatest hairstyles. Due to her teeth problem she has to stop her modeling career for sometime. But at the age of 15 she comes again for her modeling assignments.

Bar Refaeli tried various hairstyles but she looks cute in short hairstyles. She gains fashion media attention with her short stylish hairstyles in 2008. She is also familiar with the fact that short stylish hairstyles look good on her versatile facial structure. She also adopts various experiments of changing color tone of her hairs.

Most of the magic begins from chic haircuts and eye-catching color tone with a simple hairstyle that features slight curls and graceful highlights. Infrequently, Bar presents her hair down and tagged back from her face. Bar Refaeli has become conscious that a slight texture cut into a chic can be all that is required to be fashionable and trendy and the appearance does not have to be wavy or curled or especially designed daily.

Bar Refaeli Trendy Hairstyles
Bar Refaeli Ponytail hairstyle
Bar Refaeli Shoulder Length Hairstyles
Bar Refaeli soft wavy hairstyle
Bar Refaeli sexy long hairstyles
Bar Refaeli hair

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