Kate Winslet with Oscar long hairstyles Kate Winslet hair

16 Feb

Kate Winslet with Oscar long hairstyles Kate Winslet hair

Long Hairstyle Ideas presents Kate Winslet with Oscar long hairstyles

For Kate Winslet, it has been a fantastic few months with her winning at both the Golden Globes and the Oscars. British people all over the world sat with bated breath to see if she would finally get the Oscar that she so desperately deserved and for once her dreams came true as did those of budding young actresses all over the world.

Thankfully this time Kate had a better speech prepared and with her elegant one shoulder dress, beautifully set 50’s inspired hair and flawless makeup, it would seem that this time she was one hundred percent prepared for the coming award.

The look that Kate Winslet went for at the glittering Oscars was almost a regal one; she had wonderful shining diamond earrings which wouldn’t look out of place on the Royal Family and with a rich blue dress that had just one shoulder gave her a real hour glass figure which Kate has been proud of for many years.

The hairstyle that she went for was quite 50’s inspired and imitated the bob look without having to cut off any length. Swept back from her face, the hair was slightly different to the side swept bangs that we have come to know Kate for and the whole look was beautifully sculpted and is bound to have women all over the world drooling over it.


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