Alyssa Milano’s Short Trendy Hairdo for 2010

03 Feb

Alyssa Milano’s Short Trendy Hairdo for 2010

Alyssa Milano’s Famous Pixie Haircut, Short Trendy Hairdo for 2010

Alyssa Milano has graced us with her presence on a number of television shows and movies. We have seen her grow up, and we have seen her style change from time to time. A current favorite amongst women all over the world is the Alyssa Milano hairstyle.
Alyssa Milano’s Pixe Haircut

The Alyssa Milano hairstyle is a funky and fresh pixie look. It features many short layers, which are perfect for framing the face and accentuating facial features. It is particularly great for women with an oval shaped face or smaller features. Women of all ages can sport the look by following a simple procedure. If you don’t want to go for any highlights, the style will still look stunning, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home.
Still Trendy Haircut in 2010, Pixie Haircut

After you have washed your hair, apply some styling mousse. Make sure that it has a strong hold to keep the style in place. When it comes to blow-drying, you don’t even need a brush. All you need to do is run your fingers through your hair while drying. Do this until your hair is totally dry. The messier it is the better it will look. Use a molding cream to flatten the top, and then the sides. In both cases drag your hair forward. For a bit of extra texture you can use the molding cream to pinch clumps of hair together.
If you follow this styling procedure, you can have the Alyssa Milano haircut in a matter of just minutes.


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