Emo Hairstyles

12 Jul

Emo hairstyles are quite funky to sport as well. Take a look at the group Green Day and you would know what I am talking about. Although many frown upon Emo hairstyles, these are growing in their popularity today. Girls and guys do note some of these pointers for Emo hairstyles. Shaggy hairstyles form the base of Emo hairstyles. Sometimes shaggy or sometimes spiky, these would need you to work your way around with the help of some gel and of course a hairstylist. Try some bold effects and also add a dash of color. Emo haircuts have always been characterized with black hair with bursts of colors. The look of the Emo hairstyles is such that it makes an individual style statement. Of course, people in the 80s belonging to the Emo culture are quite different from the Emo groups that are seen today. Today, most Emo hairstyles have the use of highlights as well as lowlights. Fringes and bangs are also common amongst most girls. Razor cuts that give asymmetrical lines are most sought after by girls who wish to along this path.

Whether it’s the Emo fashion and hairstyles, or the Emo culture in itself, it has always been under the scanner and has received a lot of flak for the kind of lifestyle it probably popularized. The Emo group of people are also known to be emotional, introverts and sometimes are associated with depressive behavior; sometimes to the extent of suicide. This is probably why Emo fashion has attracted a lot of criticism as well. The Emo fashion today is definitely different from what it has been over the years, and despite the endless arguments, this culture has a loyal group of people. Although one has come up with many definitions and opinions about this lifestyle, its popularity rates quite high on the list of many!

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